The Story.

At boarding gate 16, the passengers were getting ready for the final check of the Nippon Airways flight 3314 to Bucharest, Romania. One by one, the passengers were loading their hand luggage, fastening their seatbelts, and waiting for the pilots to carry them out through the skies to their final destination.

Everything was running smoothly until two big blows turned the calm cruising of the aircraft into a nightmare filled with smoke and screams. Although desperate, the crew along with the pilots did their best to maintain peace while the smoke and the whirling loss of altitude were causing havoc. That was it, the hearts of everyone within the Nippon 3314 flight were beating at rhythms of despair anticipating the inevitable, bracing for impact. The end was here.

The unthinkable became a reality when out of smoke and plane wreckage screams of pain were heard by those that were soon to realize they are still alive. Shaking off ashes and the panic to come back to their senses, the survivors still capable to walk gathered together and helping those heavily injured. It seemed like everyone on the 3314 flight was still alive, some shook but fit, others incapable of moving, nonetheless all of them were now subjects of a miracle.

Once everyone came back to reality, the pilots estimated the crash happened on a Pacific Island, known as Shisoka, believed to be cursed and never explored by humans before. Everyone was overwhelmed and watching their lives turning into a survival movie.

Those capable of walking organized themselves to find water and food... After a few days of being stranded, some strange packages fell off the sky, tied to old, rugged parachutes. They were filled with food, medicine, and tools. This seemed to put bring the morale up until they realized what was at the bottom of the boxes. They found fluorescent rocks which gave them a feeling that none of what had happened was a coincidence.

This was just the beginning, they now belonged to the island.



Hei Passenger, have a safe trip!